Fit in Five

The new well-being program trusted by busy women

At Fit In Five, we are truly dedicated to helping busy women take care of themselves within 5 minutes a day. Crafted by other women, our equipment free approach helps you to improve your well-being without interfering with your daily routine.

Every woman has her very own body shape. That’s why we won’t offend you by promising weight loss statistics. Made up of yoga and bodyweight training, our approach will make you feel like you have never felt before. Get access to your exclusive video coaching zone and find the perfect balance for your life.

Fit in five : the new well-being program for women

Fit Body & Mind

Healthy mind & body

Discover many exercises and videos to tone up your body and refresh your mind. Fit in Five guides you to the perfect mix between yoga and bodyweight training.

Accessible everywhere

Well-being on demand

Fit in Five is your personal trainer and we’re here whenever you need us! Enjoy your well-being program on your mobile or on any other device, including your TV.

Save time

5 minutes to happiness

Because well-being is the way to happiness, we crafted it to be the direct. Find 5 minutes in your daily routine and enjoy the benefits of our training program.

Why this program has been created for you

This is why you’re going to love Fit in Five well-being program

We know training can be time consuming, mostly when you don’t know how to do it efficiently. Created by yoga masters and professional fitness trainers, our team worked hard to elaborate the perfect well-being program for busy women.

Based on 5 minute daily training, Fit in Five directly improves your daily mood and happiness. Watch our videos, keep up with your program and feel the difference after a few days of training

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“I made it! Thank you!”

“With the training program I managed to lose my 35 pounds. After my second pregnancy, I had given up training because I have a very busy life. After just three months of training 4 times a week, I made it! Thank you!”

Cindy M. - 39 years old
Austin, TX

“My husband rediscovered me.”

"I've started this training because of my friend Sandy who shared it on her Facebook page and then I was able after only one month to fit back in my jeans. I feel very well now and Kelly, my husband, rediscovered me."

Esthel N. - 31 years old
Key West, FL

“It changed my way of living.”

"I'm a business women for the last 20 years. I am a busy women and I was looking for a program that would help me to get fit in less time than the regular one. I found this program and thanks god because it changed my way of living."

Annie D. - 47 years old
Las Vegas, NV

Sign up for your well-being program and get instant access to :

  • 4 yoga video sessions for a peaceful mind;
  • 4 bodyweight training videos for a toned up body;
  • 1 complete 28 days nutrition plan;
  • 2 meditation sessions notes;
  • 1 meditation guide written by our experts;
  • Much more content to unlock through your training!

Take care of yourself wherever you are and whenever you want.

Fit In Five in action